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Art quality sectional chart on the wall!


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Feb 10, 2021
For the 107 pilots out there, when was the last time you read a sectional chart and how did it help you? I have to admit at first I thought learning to read these was a silly part of the test, but now as I'm training to take the Part 107 test, I feel like learning to read these charts connects me with a part of the history of flying and I can even see how it could be useful.

It took a few months, but I finally got an art quality sectional chart for where I fly framed and on the living room wall. And, with my wife's permission no less! It's quite a bit more massive than I expected, measuring 89" x 45" so it does dominate the living room wall there. Maybe one day a pilot will come over for dinner and be impressed but in the mean time it's a nice bit of art for the wall and actually has real information value.

Yes I know it will eventually become out of date... But not as art.


Sectional Chart.jpg
Cool - and it passed the WAF (Wife Acceptance Factor) at the same time :)

I like being able to read them and bring up the SkyVector web site all the time to check out places I want to fly in. I have been a lifelong map nut so learning to play with Sector maps was fun for me.
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Yes I know it will eventually become out of date... But not as art.
But have you pinpointed your location on the sectional chart? Once you know your Lat/Long position, go to the SkyVector Web site, it contains the Sectional Maps for everywhere… In the middle of the screen there is a tiny "+" that shows the middle of the map, that is the Lat/Long for the "+". The Lat/Long is displayed on the upper right. Scroll around until you get to your home position and you will know your exact position on your wall display and you can mark it with a "Silver Star" (LoL…)

Many Apps will tell you your exact Lat/Long position. SkyVector displays the Lat/Long in Degrees, Minutes, and hundreds of a minute… (for example, N37o55.62' )

You might need to convert it depending on the App and the format it displays…

In the Graphic below, I brought up the Your Image, "Close Up" in SkyVectpr and since the "O" in Oakland is pretty much in the center so I centered in your photo' So I centered Sky Vector on the "O" and you can see the Lat/Long for the "O" and if you lived at this Lat/Long, you would mark the map accordingly…

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