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AWESOME Mini-2 Feature -- And an Adventure!


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Jun 9, 2021
Carson City, NV, USA
As I've mentioned, I live on the wall of a canyon, Clear Creek Canyon on the Douglas County/Carson City border in Nevada. The creek is at the bottom, Old Clear Creek Road, where I live, is next up, and then a bit farther up the canyon is Hwy 50, the stretch that runs from Lake Tahoe to Carson City. For many years, I've seen a flag on a little peak just creekside of Hwy 50 as I made the drive down. It's a great sight, inspiring. As I was driving down Friday, I decided I was going to map the little cluster of houses where I live...and find that flag!

Yesterday I started my mapping project, and quite by accident, I found the flag in the process! By that time I didn't have enough reserve power to do a close-in recon, but I noted where it was...just about 1600 ft away, just on this side of Hwy 50.

Today, I set out to do the close recon of the flag. I was using 1080p because I wanted to use 4X, to get a good sense of the terrain before getting close to it. I had gone slightly past it, and I was backing up while watching for it. As a result of the prevailing winds here, the wind is usually blowing down-canyon, and it was today. It was a bit breezy, but I've flown the Mini-2 in far worse. Still, while I was backing up to spot the flag and set up my run, it seemed a bit sluggish, and slow moving. I figured I was fighting the wind to come back, which I had expected, and I had plenty of reserve power.

But then...I get a warning message!

"Warning! Very high winds. Reduce altitude immediately. Unable to automatically fly home."

I did *NOT* see that coming!

Now, I may be adventurous, but I'm no fool. I did what I was told! I dropped about 100 ft, and headed straight for home. Slowly. I should have switched it to Sport mode, but I didn't think to do that, so I was in Normal mode.

As it got closer, I could tell that it was struggling to remain control in what was now a very substantial wind. You probably won't be able to tell on the video, but I could see the little Mini-2 bouncing around in the wind, valiantly trying to maintain control.

Which it did. I brought it home, with a very low ground speed, and landed uneventfully with about 10 minutes reserve still on the battery.

I have three Mini-2s, and I've named them Enterprise, Defiant, and Phoenix. By coincidence...maybe...I was flying Defiant today. He's the one who fell 80 feet through a tall pine tree, and was recovered without any damage. Not a single prop blade was dinged. A freshly charged battery, and he was back in the air.

I'm going to end up selling Enterprise and Phoenix to buy other drones, but Defiant is the Mini-2 that I'm going to keep.

A little excitement to spice up a Sunday afternoon!


Is there a video?
Yes, and I'll upload it.

I bought a new PC to do editing on my drone videos, because my old computer was hopelessly slow for that. The new PC works great for video editing, but it's currently belly-up! Likely dead video card, but it's scheduled to meet it's maker today, so I should know more soon.

My old computer, is temporarily my primary computer.

Once I get that back, I'll do a quick edit and post it. I was only shooting in 1080p, so the video won't be that great, but it should tell the tale from Defiant's point of view.


Well you did refer to the video in you original post and then gave us.....
Ah, I said there was video, and that I would upload it, but didn't say that I had uploaded it, because I hadn't yet.

And it may be a problem. I checked the cache on the phone, and I couldn't find it. Weird. I'll need to check to see if there's anything on the SD card.

If I find it, I'll post it, and I'll let you know when I do.

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