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Bad footage and "abnormal gimbal vibrations"


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Jun 10, 2018
Here is a video

My footage seems completely awful and the app warned me about "abnormal gimbal vibratons"
Settings: ISO 100, Shutter 8000, Color: Cinelike D, Style +1, 0, 0, 4k 24fps.

The gimbal seems wobbly and pretty violent when powering on
. The horizon seems tilted. The footage seems grainy and choppy and i can see the propellers on video.

The aircraft slowly yaws to the side even though i don't touch the sticks.

Does anyone have any tips for improving my camera settings or should i return this drone to amazon?
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Feb 12, 2018
Looking at the video only on a MacBook 15 screen.

The panning is IMO way to fast and that is hard to watch, at least for me. The fast panning is also pulling in a lot of props. If you slow down the panning, and possibly adjust the ESC for the sticks, (smooth it down), you might see a better video.

Camera IMO is in focus. Video is a bit under exposed, but not too much, which surprised me as you were at 100 ISO and shutter speed 8000. I can't see much grain, but it might show up more on the original video.

You have the jello effect on a few frames, but I don't think that has anything to do with the camera, as jello look is common on the Mavic (I believe mainly due to the e shutter, rolling shutter). But it only shows up a few times.

If you are getting an error on the gimbal, for sure I would consider to send it back, if all of the rubber bands have been checked (the rubber bands hold the gimbal plate to the drone body and help it stay stabilized). The jerky look on start up, is I believe normal, mine does this. I will check mine to see if it has so much wobble when turned on.

The slight movement when hovering, might be due to either a compass or IMU calibration issue. I would try a quick calibration of both. You could also try a full calibration of the gimbal. All of this can be done in the djigo4 app.

I don't use A mode on any of my drones, even for Video, as I want to have control on the ISO. Not sure what mode you were in. I stay in M mode, check the histogram and try to stay a bit to the right as the files will have a lot more highlight recovery than shadow push.

Paul Caldwell