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barberpole display

I hope this is a newbie thing, since I am a newbie to the dji world.

I recently acquired a crystalsky 7" UB. After powering up the 1st time the camera display on the monitor had, for the lack of a better word, a barberpole issue. The system status and telemetry looked fine, but the camera display from the AC had this problem. After turning down the camera setting dial it went away. It was more enhanced when I brought the bird outside. I had to turn it way down. I took a screenshot. pictures are ok.

Is this normal? or, (hoping this isnt the case) is there a prob with the CS? or just operator headspace.

Using a galaxy s7 doesnt have this problem, just gets washed out when turned way up.

bird is a mavic pro.

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Here is the "manual" for the app...It does get into the settings a bit more

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