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Apr 18, 2018
These are probably two stupid questions so please don’t laugh!

I have two batteries for my Mavic Air. I normally charge my batteries a day or a couple of days before flying. I leave one in the air and one ready for use.

Today I had a use for my air but hadn’t charged the battery in the drone for 4 days. I got 8 minutes flying. When I checked the log I found the starting charge was 56% but it was fully charged when it was put in the drone. I find it hard to believe that it can be drained by nearly 50% in just four days.

Now I appreciate these are intelligent batteries and lose charge but do they lose charge quicker if left in the drone even though it is off?

Second question

I have an iPhone 5s which works superbly with the drone and go4. Little or no video lag and the “quick videos” come out quite good from the DJI go 4 app.

Today I tried my IPad Air using a standard iPad cable into the USB port at the base of the controller. It worked but the video lag was usable but noticeable. When I made a quick video it was jerky.

Now the questions. Does an IPad Air, in theory more capable than the IPhone 5, work as well with DJI go4 and is the standard IPad Air cable ok to use into the standard USB port or is there a speed difference between the side port and bottom port?
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Seems like the battery had self-discharge in the 4 days. Did you set the number of days to self-discharge on the batteries? I don't have a MA, but I set my MP's batteries to self-discharge after 3 days.
No idea about your second question. I've not used the bottom USB to connect to my iPad. I just use my iPhone.
You can’t change the discharge point for the MA, it is set at 10 days. Doesn’t explain your issue though
Ok on the 10 days discharge cycle but does it make a difference if you leave it in the drone, albeit with everything turned off?

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