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Best car charger for Mavic 3


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Aug 24, 2018
I have been looking for a 3rd party car charger for Mavic 3, because DJI's own charger has two drawbacks (besides the price):

1) DJI's charger is rated at 65W. However, Mavic 3 battery support PPS fast charging protocol up to 88W. Strangely, DJI does not give its own charger enough power to fast charge its own battery.

2) I need a car charger with three ports, to charge battery, remote controller, and mobile phone at the same time. DJI's charger has two ports only.

With a bit of researching and measurement, I think I have find the best car charger (so far) for Mavic 3:


This Wotobeus 120W Car charger has three advantages over DJI's charger:

1) fast charge Mavic 3 battery with PPS protocol, providing power close to 88W;
2) charge RC-N1 remote controller at the same time;
3) charge a mobile phone at the same time.

I measured the output power of the first USB-C port. When connecting to my Mavic 3 (with remote controller and mobile phone all being charged at the same time), it can output power close to 88W.


For less than half the price ($42.99), this little gem beats DJI's charger hands down.
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That is an EXCELLENT choice.

I'm using (mostly) the same charger for the M3. Thanks for taking the time to write such a nice review.

And this is another great example why everyone should use USB-C. It makes things just so much easier.
what about the USB-C cable they all the same? or I need a special one?
They are NOT all the same! Find one that is rated for 60 watt :) Just because the cable doesn't burn up, doesn't mean it's working. It will only output what it is rated for ;)

Cheers, Jon
I bought this for $27 so I don't need the drone or the hub and it can do 2 batteries at the same time.

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I know this is an old thread but wondering how you went with this setup?
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