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Best White Balance setting for Sunrise / Sunset ?


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Jan 26, 2017
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Dallas, Texas
Still working on my photography skills, and I keep hearing that Auto White Balance is NOT my friend.

Seems like the consensus is to choose Sunny or Cloudy White Balance depending on conditions, OR Custom: 5500 - 6500.

If I'm using an ND filter 4 or 8 and shooting a sunrise or a sunset (on a clear day), which White Balance setting would be optimal?

I'd also be curious as to what Custom Style settings the experienced videographers are using;
I've seen: -1 -1 0 used a lot. (?)

What would be the optimal Custom Style settings if I do NOT do any color-grading of any kind? (at least not yet) I DO use ND filters regularly.

Any tips?


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Oct 12, 2016
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North York Moors
You can only experiment and see how it looks to your eye.
Usually sunset demands warm tones so you could put the WB manually on 7000 or even higher.
The auto system doesn't know it needs to look warm and will adjust it to make a more normal scene.

I've tried cinelike, none and D-Log and they will usually all benefit from some adjustment
Your -1 -1 0 sounds OK.
D-Log needs more adjustment but you are generally adding rather than trying to subdue some garish green or purpleness.
If light is rather flat e.g. overcast day all set on zero will retain more detail, but it can look oversharp and contrasty in bright light especially in the none setting.
To me cinelike has a problem with too much purple in some scenes especially trees with no leaves on.