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Broken Arm

Rob Dog

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Apr 20, 2021
Sisters, OR
Has anyone replaced an arm on a Mavic 2 Pro??

I was flying on a very cold night and battery drained very fast and during auto-land I flew into my roof. Break is around the end motor housing. I have used JB Weld to repair it and it flies great but I still would like to replace it. Looks like the wiring needs to be soldered in vs a mini connection.... Thx
Here are a few videos showing the process:

Front or back, the front is probably easier, the wiring will need desoldering and then resoldering,
I have replaced a rear arm.

I WOULD NOT fly it with a glued up arm, it is an aircraft and such a DIY repair could be very expensive if it fails in flight and the drone hits some one or damages someone elses property.
YES REPLACE NOW!! lol Simple Fix -Watch the video provided above and give it a go! I bet you won't have a problem. Let us Know.
I have a new arm on order and will use the existing motor etc. Here are some photos.... The epoxy on left arm is just to offset the balance of rgt sideIMG_7884.jpg


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You don't need to offset the balance really for small variations in weight the drones PID will do fine without Much damage to the motor I would still not fly it You are risking further Damage and crashing the drone Wait for the fix before you fly it again.
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When you are removing the open/close pivot mechanisim, position the arm at the tipping point where it changes from spring-shut to spring-open.
If correctly positioned the arm should just sit there.
Then remove the pivot.
If you are immediately going to fit the new arm then leave the pivot mechanism in that position, put the arm into the drone in the same position and the pivot should almost drop in.

If it is going to be a while until you refit the arm then twist the mechanism so the the 'silver ?' bit goes one way or the other. The cam action is provided by a spring inside the mechanism, if left/stored at the tipping point the spring will be fully compressed and might take a "set" if left that way for a long time.
To reset the pivot mechanism to the tipping point, fit the mechanism into the spare arm and twist the black? base with a pair of pliers.

NOTE from memory there is a black plastic thrust washer that fits between the top of the arm and the drone's body, in situ it goes around the pin on the top of the pivot mechanism. DON'T lose it during the dismantling and don't for get to fit it when refitting the arm.
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Doubtful that the glue on the left arm would have any effect for balance purposes.
There are some very small wires that will be soldered to the esc board that you will need to disconnect. They are color coded so they are not difficult to determine where they reinstall. The small black plastic washer that acts as a bushing does seem to be directional. It does have a very slight bevel at its edge. Probably doesn’t really matter if it gets upside down.
Take your time and make sure you put the right screws back in the right spot. You will find two different types of screws. Some are machine thread and some are coarse thread that run into plastic. Three different types if you’re dealing with a rear arm verses a front arm. There are several more screw types in dealing with the internal components.
Doubtful that the glue on the left arm would have any effect for balance purposes

I guess it wouldn't hurt to have a perfectly balanced drone. However, I doubt the energy saved by the drone not have to adjust for any weight differences would be noticeable. And then even if the drone was perfectly balanced, it's still going to be constantly correcting itself to offset things like the wind.
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I received my new OEM arm yesterday. Only $12 w/o motors.... Wish me luck.

Thanks for all of the help here!
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Good luck, if you find things becoming frustrating set it aside for an hour or so and do something else.
Don't forget or lose the black plastic thrust washer.
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