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Cable from Goggles to Xbox One?

kenny d

Well-Known Member
Apr 1, 2018
Does anyone know what cable I’d need to connect DJI Goggles to an Xbox One? Also, if it’s possible to get a HDMI splitter that I could plug into the Xbox One HDMI out so that I can keep it connected to the TV and the goggles at the same time so that I won’t have to keep swapping cables? The cable would need to be 10’ - 15’ long.

I thought that I read somewhere that the cable is HDMI type D to micro HDMI but I can’t be sure. If anyone’s tried this I’d like to hear about it before I waste time and money.

Thanks in advance.
I don't think that's the correct cable. I believe it has to be HDMI type D to micro HDMI. The HDMI outlet on the goggles is small, similar in size to micro USB. Additionally, a 90* angle on the micro HDMI end would be great!

Thanks though.

Kenny D
HDMI type D is the technical name for Micro HDMI.


You want standard HDMI coming out of your Xbox One and going into your Goggles with HDMI type D (Micro).

I was able to find the right angle ones on amazon.
Thank you. I just found it and ordered it. Appreciate your help.

Kenny D
The cable works perfectly. I ordered a 15’ one from Amazon for around $9.00. Heavy duty braided exterior with strain reliefs on both ends.

Played Destiny 2 on Xbox One with the goggles but to be honest, the screen is too big so that I find myself constantly moving my eyes to see the edges of the screen. Going to try movies next. The speakers in the goggles sound pretty darn good, too.
I was playing Shadows Of Mordor and loved it. There are settings in the goggles that allow you to shrink the screen size down a little bit. That might help.

I agree with the speakers sounding good. I'm curious to take these on a road trip and use the goggles for some movies.
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