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Camera goes down then back up non stop. Any ideas? I am fixing to do a icu calibration.


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Jun 21, 2017
N. Ohio
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Out of the clear blue it started this. No previous bumps or scraps. And no unwanted adjustments by any child.
Mine did the same thing, I think. I had it about 4 months but only flew it maybe six short flights. Never hit anything, always soft landings. I took off, flew for about ten to fifteen minutes and landed. Changed batteries and then began to do the do another flight. Turned it on and then suddenly the gimbal went click up, click down, click up, click down, several times, then stopped leaning off to one side. I turned everything off and began again, turned on the Mavic and the same thing happened.

The camera kept clicking up to the top then down then top again, and I took a look and it was as if it was jammed on something, not allowing it full travel, but there was nothing to get in the way, but the gimbal was too hot to even touch. I gave up trying to get it to sort itself out and shut down. Took it to a repair guy the following day, hoping a miracle had happened through the drone fairies, but no... the same thing happened. Turned out to be the top motor mount of the gimbal became faulty for absolutely no reason. It was showing a gimbal error on the controller also.

I was travelling back to Britain the following week, so despite it being under warranty, I did not have the luxury of time to ship it back and wait weeks for it to be repaired and returned, so had to but a used complete gimbal and camera, since just gimbal parts were not available early last year to effect any repairs. So we changed it out and it has been flawless ever since, thankfully. I must get the original one repaired soon, so that I have a spare, should I ever need one in the future.

If this sounds like your problem, I assume yours had done the same thing as mine. Turn it on and see if the gimbal gets hot and try and see which axis motor is getting the hottest, then you might find the same problem as mine. Good luck.

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