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Canadian Wishing to Fly in Alaska - Requirements??


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Jan 28, 2022
Victoria, B.C. Canada
Hi everyone. I'm a Canadian citizen/resident and will be travelling to Alaska in August. I'm wondering what I'd need to do to fly in Alaska legally. Two of my drones that I'd like to take are my Mini 3 Pro and my Mavic 3 Pro. I'm guessing that - like in Canada - different regs would apply to 250 grams or under. I currently hold a Canadian advanced drone certificate which I'm thinking is probably of no value for what I'm trying to achieve. Any help in pointing me in the right direction to be able to fly either just the Mini 3 Pro or both of my drones would be greatly appreciated. Thanx in advance.
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You want to read this:
Thank you. That's a really good guide. I'm neither a hunter nor a fisherman, nor do I 'chase' living creatures to capture photos. I like landscape and seascape photos and find that I can gain a different and often better perspective from other than eye level.
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We have a couple of forum members who fly in AK on a daily basis so they should be able to provide you with guidance. I have flown my drone in AK before as a recreational pilot so personally, I think you only need to worry about 2 things: get your TRUST and get LAANC when in controlled airspace. Basically that's about it.
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You will need at least a TRUST Certificate, and depending on other circumstances, possibly a Part 107.

Here is an FAA resource that explains what international visitors (that's Canadians like you and me) require to fly UAS (drones) in the US:
Thanx so much - very helpful. I see you also have a Canadian advanced certificate and a TRUST certificate. Was the TRUST exam difficult for you?
Trust is easy but make sure you prepare for it. If I can pass it anyone can and I’m in the U.K.! Good luck
Trust is easy but make sure you prepare for it. If I can pass it anyone can and I’m in the U.K.! Good luck
Awhile but when I took it but I don't believe you can fail it because you get the retry any answers that you get wrong until you get them right so it's not really a "test."
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You want to read this:
I read through that letter and I came away with the idea that drones are ok, but never for hunting or spotting to find game. Once the game is dead and removed, there did not seem to be any restriction. Having been to Alaska over 6 fishing trips and one paddle/canoe trip up the Talkeetna River where we camped (before drones existed), I realized that Alaska is so humongous of a state that it is a wonder how anybody could find you flying. The trick is to always get through customs., or the TSA conveyer belt!!! Having had my Mini 2 confiscated on departing the Nairobi, Kenya airport on the final scanner, I can truly experience a sudden loss of drone.

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