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2 Pro Castro and Chiloé Island-Chile- group 3

Dale D

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Sep 13, 2018
I've spent the past 2 days editing some still images on our first day of touring out of the beautiful Tierra Chiloé Island Lodge in the southern part of Chile near the Lake District and archipelago. I am about 2/3rds the way through all of my drone videos, timelapses, and images from various cameras, including my Nikon D750. No, today I have no drone images or videos, but thought these images sufficiency worthy of presentation to you, who are all more than just drone pilots and appreciate some other forms of photography. Featured are Nikon still images of the palifitos, previously shown (19th century fisherman homes now boutique rentals), some local villages which are quite charming and colorful, and the massive Pacific Ocean.

With Photoshop, I was able to actually make these places look even better than they are in person! Some are actually like old world paintings. I make heavy use of the fantastic new masking tool, which I become to depend on greatly to edit, each and every individual part of the image.

click on the image to enlarge. Comments encouraged.

MiamiRopes.jpgBlacknecked Swans.jpg


  • View from our room window-.jpg
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  • Two Beached Boats.jpg
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  • Tierra Chiloe-view from our room.jpg
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  • The Don Domingo.jpg
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  • Palafitos-Castro-Chiloe-Chile-.jpg
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  • Palafito-green.jpg
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  • Pacific Surf-2.jpg
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  • Dona Julia.jpg
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I love your photos and admire the way you get out and visit the world. Thanks for sharing.
I love your photos and admire the way you get out and visit the world. Thanks for sharing.
Thanks you so much. This group of photos really turned out great. Still working away on many more from this trip. I've always had the travel bug, even planning my next trip on the returning plane! I infected my wife with it and we both love to travel.

If you like my photos, please enjoys more more here.

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