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Central California

Taken this morning with my Mavic 2 Pro

Very Nice photographs...

Eight Mile Road and Little Potato Slough - San Joaquin River, West of Lodi, California?

I did not use the EXIF data (but confirmed by the EXIF data)

I just looked around on google maps...

Is the smaller ship retired Coast Guard?
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USCGC Fir (WLM-212) - Wikipedia

The United States Coast Guard Cutter Fir (WAGL/WLM 212) was the last lighthouse tender built specifically for the United States Lighthouse Service to resupply lighthouses and lightships, and to service buoys. She was commissioned in 1940 as a Lighthouse tender and served the Coast Guard for 51 years.

On 1 July 1939 the United States Lighthouse Service became a part of the United States Coast Guard. On 1 October 1940 Fir was commissioned as the United States Coast Guard Cutter Fir (WAGL-212).

As the Coast Guard's longest serving cutter, she was designated "Queen of the Fleet" in May 1988, and her bow painted with gold hull numbers. On October 1, 1990, the Coast Guard's 200th anniversary, Fir was honored with a celebration for her 50th birthday. One year later Fir was decommissioned, and on April 27, 1992 the United States Secretary of Interior awarded her the designation, National Historic Landmark.

The Fir was sold to The Lighthouse Project LLC. The Lighthouse Project is an organization whose mission is to preserve lighthouses
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