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Choosing subjects to capture?

I enjoy old bridges, historic places and old houses/buildings.
I’ll start by saying that I live in what we here in the U.S. refer to as a “fly-over state”. One of those places that you just fly over on your way to someplace more interesting. So I don’t live near an ocean, mountains, rocky cliffs or other jaw-dropping spectacles that I see in the forums here and on Youtube. I’d like to photograph and capture subjects that are interesting to look at though. I guess I’m going to have to get a bit creative when capturing footage near home.

Anyone else in this situation? And if so, any inspiration to share? I’m pretty new to this aerial photography thing, so I probably just need to get into a different mindset and think a little differently. Of course buildings and other man-made structures can be interesting, but they can also be tricky to get at sometimes.

Thanks for any thoughts.
I am not an expert but, I am a photographer. Amatuer at least, of the fine art quality. I would get a regular camera and practice with composition and 'the way things line up' is the best way to describe it. And just go do your best to make the most absolute, mundane thing, become an interesting subject using shadows and colors and a 'unique' perspective. A fire hydrant becomes very intimidating when shot with a wider lens from the ground up. Practice practice is all I can also say. take your camera everywhere with you and take pictures of everything. Good luck, I look forward to seeing some pix. =]
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