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CMR Field in Williams AZ


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Jul 8, 2017
Phoenix AZ
Hi, I am a recreational pilot.

Please help correct me if I am miseducated.

I thought that the "5 mile" rule was no longer applicable, unless it was there was a control tower to notify on the phone or LAANC if available?

I was going to fly my drone 4500 feet east at about 100 feet from CMR field in Williams, AZ Since this airport has no control tower, I thought I was able to fly within the 5 mile limit but it was up to me to maintain my altitude < 400 feet and obviously give right of way to any aircraft. I use LAANC all the time in control areas, but there was no one to notify.

Of course, as I was about to fly, someone stopped and started yelling at me that I could not fly a drone within 5 miles of the airport, and they were notifying the police. Knowing it was easier not to argue, I found another location north of the original location that was another 2 miles away.

I'll never be able to educate the public, but did I misunderstand the changes in the rules for recreational pilots. I'm happy to reread the regulations if someone can point me to them, since I'm not getting the results in a google search.

Thank you

HA Clark Field is a Golf airspace. You could legally fly over the runway w/o permission as long as you're not interfering with aircraft.

People like the one you encountered is ignorant of the rules. Next time, have them show you the rules, and/or call the cops if they think you're doing something illegal.

The only times we are supposed to call ATC is if we have a COA that requires it.

If you're unsure of an airspace classification, check the FAA ArcGIS page.

... and to answer your question, the 5 Mile Rule has been gone since the 2018.
... and to answer your question, the 5 Mile Rule has been gone since the 2018.

Thank you ... that is what I thought ... and yes, I also did look at the airspace map, and saw the classification. Just wanted to make sure I didn't miss something since I've never had this type of encounter before, and was to confirm my understand of my operation was legal and corect.
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