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Controller is switching off all the time


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Jul 22, 2018
Hey guys,
I‘m in need of urgent help!
My Mavic is just about two months old and has just a couple of flights and no crash at all!

I was in Borneo last week and did fly about 50 high and was about 400meters away as I lost connection to my drone! Luckily she came back to the homepoint but as I lost connection everything was dead: Grey screen on the Iphone8, controller led‘s on but freezed and no sounds!
There were no trees, walls, power plants or powerlines nothing nearby.
After that I did a firmware update and did fly again on the Maldives ! Everything was fine at this flight.
One day later I tried it again and the same thing happend to me like in Borneo. But the drone came back to the homepoint.
After that current problem appeared:
Now I switch the Mavic on and she powers on but then I try to turn the controller on and the controller powers on for about 2 seconds and shows me „connecting“ but the it powers off again! And it does it all the time ... Do it’s impossible for me to connect the drone with the controller!
Can anyone help me! I am so desperate because I need the drone urgently!
p.s: If I leave the controller on the charging cable it stays on.

Thanks for your help
At two months old you probably should be investigating replace under warranty.
It's possible firmware upgrade would help but risky if it shut off part way through things could be bricked.
Contact them.
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My huge problem is, that I bought the drone in Autralia during my travels but I am German and in September back in Germany.
They said I would have to send it to DJI Autralia which is ridiculous! That would cost me a lot and take way too long.
I am so disappointed with the service that I cannot believe it! I even offered them to show up at my next destination (Cape Town) in their store but no I would have to send it in. That is the worst customer service ever!
That is the reason why I asked for help here!
Another problem is that i‘m not even able to put the newest firmware onto the controller because it shuts down before I can do anything. And if I plug it into the Mac and try to connect it with the DJI Assistant the controller doesn’t get recognized like the drone (but that’s maybe normal?)
Well if you cant connect to it, you cant check anything I suppose?
Maybe it would be 'cheaper' and 'easier' to simply purchase another controller, bind it, move on with your travells and deal with it when you get home.
I know this is stressing you out as I've seen your posts before elsewhere!!!]
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