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Crystal Sky Issue

The Mighty Helmet

New Member
Apr 11, 2021
Newcastle England
Season 2021

I own a Mavic Pro Platinum

Purchased a Crystal Sky 5" as there still available in 2021 and there Circa 2017

Charged the battery and accepted the terms and conditions and updates provided by DJI V03.00.02.00 No Updates further as I searched the internet " All is Good "

So 1st flight with the Sky in control having downloaded the local maps as instructed and having set the compass as on a new site off I flew
The Screen and the General Overall feeling was positive as per reading before I purchased a quality item
The Conditions were as follows Bright Blue Sky - Over The Sea - No Magnetic interference - No Military Ships - No 5g Area Wind 7mph

I Pressed RTH immediately the drone returned Home
Turned all off - Removed the Nylon Braided cable and refitted took off and all was good for the remaining 13 minutes of the flight and the next 23 minute flight after that.

I have experience in drone flight over 200 and The crystal Sky was an obvious choice as long as it RTH so I dont loose my Drone in these episode I can live wit the issue foe so long but Dji have discontinued the manufacture of the unit but stores are still selling them at a premium price !!!!!!!!
The sky has its own dedicated programme and soft wear for the Drone - The issue has been documented and yet after my first flights I can see trouble ahead

The Fix
Q - What can I do barring Sending the unit Back I video my flights so I have the evidence of the incident happening in real time but taking it back and explaining to a retailer without the visual evidence could be a Issue on Refund.

The Helmet Needs Advice Thank You