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Dangerous legislation in Missouri

I just found this gem in the April update of the FAA AIM:

11-4-6(g) There can be certain local restrictions to airspace. While the FAA is designated by federal law to be the
regulator of the NAS, some state and local authorities may also restrict access to local airspace. UAS pilots
should be aware of these local rules.

Here is a relevant legal opinion.

Reading one of the court documents from that article, it appears to set precedent forbidding local registration of drones, forbidding unlimited restrictions over private property, forbidding unlimited restrictions below 400 feet, and forbidding restriction of operations allowed under FAA waivers.

That court allowed city-imposed fines, privacy restrictions, non-interference with manned aircraft, etc.

That city's revised ordinance is here under 20-64:

That same city forbids weekend lawn mowing outside the hours of 9:30 am to 8pm.
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