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Mini 2 Day 2 part 2 Thru the Karoo- Huisriver pass by drone


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Mar 24, 2021
Western Cape South Africa
Extracting myself from the superb Seweweekspoort was a struggle but I finally found my gravelly way back to Zoar and through the Huisvier pass where a hot wind was prevailing. I was a little reluctant to let the drone wander off too far as I was in no mood to go mountain climbing disguised as a rescue team.
Calitzdorp is a town on the Western side of the Little or Klein Karoo in the Western Cape Province of South Africa. Calitzdorp is renowned as a center of the port wine industry in South Africa with several major wine estates famous for their award-winning products.
My next port of call was Oudtshoorn. By the time of my arrival, I was in no mood to go spelunking, preferring to dive into a body of cool clear water, so hotfooted it in the direction of the sea. In the Robinson pass the wind was a little too gusty to send the drone up so I just let the pass pass-by. Now I was wondering if I would be able to reach Mosselbay where I planned to cool my heels. I have never chanced it to ride so far on a 14L tank of fuel, but I actually made it with some fuel fumes to spare. The chalet at Mosselbay was a real luxury to me after the previous night in the tent so, to celebrate I guzzled far too many cool juicy grapes staring at the sea.

Next Day I opted to take it easy and did a short hop to Victoria Bay so that I could explore the Outeniqua pass and the Montagu pass and rest up for the last outward leg to Jeffries Bay.

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Part 2 is great!
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