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Descent Speed


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Jan 26, 2018
Hi everyone.

As you know according to factory data, mavic has 5m/s ascent, 3m/s descent speed.

I want to change descent speed as 8m/s but i am not sure how it would affect my battery time and propellers

Can anyone answer these topic detaily?
CSC will do it....

i couldnt understand what you mean by "csc will do it"

i will change my descent parameters from 3m/s to 8m/s , i want to know more about how this changes affect battery time,affect for propellers or something other
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To obtain faster descent speeds than those available stock then you'd need to apply parameter mods which you can think of as a version of jailbreaking your Mavic. You can jack up your Mavic if you don't know what your messing with which is why it voids warranties and most forums won't let you talk about any of the details of how to do it. DJI actively employs measures to thwart people from doing it.

Descending faster will never cause more energy to be used although being able to ascend faster would. Breaking distances would increase and you have to start knowing about aerodynamic affects like Ring Vortex State and know how to avoid it. As far blade stress, unless your essentially going freefall to instant stop over and over there's not going really going to be any issues IMO. Even then i don't think it'd be an issue. There'd be a lot more issues when pushing the limits on the faster ascent speeds due to the increased amp draw on the motors as well as the additional centrifugal forces on the blades the higher the motor RPMs get.
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