Disassembly concerns

Discussion in 'Mavic Pro Help' started by ndroll, Oct 12, 2017.

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    So last night I did my first and probably not last gimbal cable replacement. Watched some Youtube vids and finally got the cable path figured out. My concern though is how many times do you think the screws and threading will hold up? I took pains not to over tighten but the screws are so small and fiddly that I feel like some of the holes may be close to stripping or it won't take too many times for them to be. I don't anticipate having to take it apart over and over but as fragile as the POS gimbal cable is I fear I will be doing it again.
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    Think I've had the top off of one of mine about 5 or 6 times and 1 screw no longer tightens as there is a crack in the post the screw screws into

    If I was concerned then middle frame is only £8 or thread lock
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    Some of the screws on the Mavic are already overtightened and stripped from the factory. Not stripped and rounded at the screw head, but inside the part.they are attaching. This is especially the case with the gimbal motor assembly covers where they were overtightened and cracked on brand new birds.

    As @Haloweenhamster said, if the top body holes become stripped, you can always buy and install a new one.
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