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Disney area


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Jan 8, 2023
Orlando, FL, USA
I had talked about flying in Disney area in a previous thread. I was working on a job that was just inside the no fly zone ring and my drone would not even start up. I am now working on a job that is just outside that ring and fly there frequently, just up to the edge of that ring as you can see in the pictures below. Wondering if anyone can answer my question.......
If I'm flying and I enter that ring will I get a warning to turn back, or will my drone stop working and crash ?

I've seen a few warnings that told me to turn back now in some other areas but I've heard of people getting trapped in such areas as you mentioned and being forced to land on the spot. I guess the only way to know for sure is to try it yourself or hear from someone who has been there.
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You should receive a warning indicating that you are nearing an NFZ. If so, the advice is to turn around and fly in the opposite direction. Reports have said that they lost control of their drone by continuing to enter the NFZ and lost their drone due to automatic landing or other causes.

My advice: Don't risk it.
The lady in the controller will say Restricted zone Re-etched! lol ( instead of reached ) and yes you can freak out your drone and get it stuck if you are able to fly into it. It most likely will hover there uncontrollable till the battery goes.
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The simple answer - Buy a drone from a different manufacturer that does not have these limitations.
The area you are referring to is a permanent TFR over Disney World. Busting that might mean more than just your drone auto landing. Since you say you are working a job, that implies you are Part 107 Remote Pilot, as such, you can apply for special permission to the FAA to enter that airspace.
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