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DJI Flight times seem so long after flying FPV


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Aug 23, 2021
Sa Coma, Mallorca
Before flying FPV I always wished for more flight time on my Mavic, well not now. After trying FPV and having 3-4 minute flight times now flying the mavic seems forever and gets boring.

If you complain about the same thing, just try to fly FPV and you will understand how good your Mavic is when it comes to batteries.
DJI FPV and DJI Avata have much more flight time. I'm going to say I get about 15 minutes. Avg about 8 batteries.

To be honest, all the work and stress put into pushing hard on the FPV drones, the times are plenty.

For me, unless I'm going great distances, a 40-minute drone battery is overkill but that's because I believe in having more batteries than usually. Avg about 6.
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Well... the Mavics aren't overly better, it all depends on the flight performance.

I have a 4" "long range" quad that can fly for 20+min with a 4S Li-Ion pack & a 5" that can do 17min with a 6S Li-Ion pack... this time with full concentration (can't let go of the sticks i full manual mode) gets exhausting & kind of boring. 5-10 minutes full concentration flying is enough.... after that I WANT to come in for a landing in order to breathe a little.

And I agree, after the "quad" experience I see the 15min I get out of my Air 1 in another perspective...

Using the more powerful LiPo packs is the sweet spot... they give 7-12min (on both quads, 4 or 5") with much more punch than a Li-Ion.
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I agree, I normally get about 6-8 mins with my FPV and 12-15 with the Avata. I just wish my A2S was a tad bit faster as it can get boring traversing distances. I would lover to get 60mph out of it, but I would be cool with 50mph.
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