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Dji go 4 version 4.3.54


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Dec 29, 2022
with the new version of dji go 4 (4.3.54) the fcc mode not work, do you have free solutions? those with fake gps and litchi don't work
As the old saying goes “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it”. I am NOT going to do any “upgrades” to firmware or software unless DJI bricks my drones. There seems to be all sorts of Easter Eggs buried in the DJI’s upgrades such as preventing firmware rollbacks which would block 3rd party feature mods or permanently turn on RID before the mandated dates. There will be plenty of “surprises” on future drone purchases that I would like to omit with my current drones.
I already have version 4.3.54 and I don't know how to put the fcc mod, and unfortunately I can't downgrade the app, do you have solutions for the latest version or a dji go 4 mod
If you're using Android just download an older version of Go 4 from apkmirror or similar.
Its effectively abandoned software now so wont be any new features appearing.
Well i hope you fixed that issue but i need to reply for who ever tries everything but cannot change ce mode to fcc mode in 2023 (i think dji drones which needs to use dji go4 app are good enough in some cases) . So lets begin... First of all if you try to install the older versions of dji go4 to change ce to fcc, you'll see app crash in all of old versions which can you bypass the navigation to use fcc. You need another app to fix that. The app called Litchi on modyolo site will make everythink smooth as f. Litchi acts like an older version of Dji Go4. First you need to have fake gps app but i guess you already have it... So start the fake gps app and change ur location to USA. After it open the Litchi and it will ask you to change the WLAN settings and thats what we need to see. Confirm that and wait until your rc-drone connections re stable and when you can watch your drones cam live it means everything is done. Close Litchi (Don't delete it if don't need for storage, because if you click the wrong thing in dji go4 you need that app again to re set fcc) stop your fake gps and close it. Than you can use dji go4 again. If you'r not accustomed using fcc mode, you need to know everytime you open dji go4 it will ask you to change wlan settings. You need to decline it in everytime to use fcc. Sorry if my English s*cks a bit but i hope it will help you guys ❤️
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