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DJI RC PRO turning on but not booting up; black screen


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Nov 28, 2023
Dallas, TX
Just bought a slightly used DJI RC Pro and Mavic 3, did test flights, everything good. Did firmware updates on controller and drone today, flied twice, but on second flight the controller shut off. Turned back on but only after the drone had come back to auto land.

Now I can’t get the controller to boot at all. Full battery, on a charger even, just turns on and blank screen. Also yes I have done the 15 second force power off. Any help would be appreciated!
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Method used for the updates?
Important question !
This is a known problem with these controllers -Some of them made at a specific time period.
the DJI forum is full of posts BUT surprise NO real answer!
You will most likely have to send it in if you cannot get the controller to update.
DJI seems to not want to admit some kind of mistake while producing some of these radios and are asking the radios to be sent in to them for Repair. BUT at the same time charging the owners of the radios 400 dollars- That will be your estimate by the way.
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Method used for the updates?
I used DJI assistant 2.

Weird thing is this morning it booted up fine, then I tried it again 1hr later, and it booted up initially but the turned off and rebooted itself a few times. I got it to connect to the internet and firmware is in fact up to date.

I just don't want it freezing on me in flight or anything like that.
Update: Sent it in for repair after it no longer turning on (battery, beeps and everything worked but not screen)

Quoted $88 for touchscreen repair and $70ish for the repair fee, and paid it.

They sent it back and it was a brand new RC Pro (dif serial number, and the organization of information on the back plate was a little different)

Whole process took about 9 days. PHEW!
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