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Dji refresh??

I did. But I also bought it with my MPP and that’s 70’ in a tree in the forest, so it didn’t do me much good.
I'm wondering with all the censors the mavic 2 has, is it really necessary?? Granted I would probably only fly in sport mode in a wide open area....
If it’s your 1st drone I’d say it’s a must have, worked well for me when I needed it with my 1st Mavic.
I’ve just ordered the zoom and got the refresh again for peace of mind - allows me to be ‘braver’.
This will be my first REAL drone... I bought a visuo xs809hw drone a few months ago it's like a Chinese clone of the mavic...
I like what you said yorkshirepaul.... get the refresh so you can be braver flying.... I'll get the refresh care!
I bought it with my Mavic Pro Platinum, but now I think I will pass on it.
My very first drone was the above mentioned Mavic PP. I had no previous experience whatsoever and I never crashed it while flying outside. Besides, I often fly over water and if I crash it there, it's gone forever anyway since I can't swim ;)
I did. But I also bought it with my MPP and that’s 70’ in a tree in the forest, so it didn’t do me much good.

Do you know where? Look up some Rec. Tree Climbers in your area. I would gladly climb up there and get it down for you if I were local.
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is the statefarm insurance better than the refresh?

That kind of depends. State Farm is less expensive and covers just about any type of loss, even if the drone is not recoverable. On the flip side, there is a chance you'll get dropped after a claim and there is the possibility a claim could affect other insurance rates if it's reported to LexisNexis. Whether or not either of things may happen would be a good question for the agent.
I bought the refresh for my MP2. I had a hardware scare with my first MP and luckily it was an easy fix. However, given the price tag on the 2, I wanted to get the coverage for that piece of mind.
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