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Dog nearly had mavic while testing


Active Member
May 13, 2018
Hi Everyone nearly had a close one today my mavic has been turning slightly to the left high up with hardly any wind, so i took it in my back garden just as it hovered my dog herd it and lunched at it knocking it into some chairs lucky enough no major damage or to the dog apart from replacing all 4 props what was chipped at the ends, didn't here the dog at all, esp when you are focused on the screen aswell , but normally when its hovering a few feet it wont turn left, high up it starts turning and have to counter steer slightly to keep it normal so ive not long calibrated the controller unit but haven't tested it yet to see weather it fixed the problem or not,

ive seen that vinal wrap you can buy to put onto the mavic i might need some of this to prevent any scratches if it happens again lol how easy is it to put onto the mavic itself?

ive got to buy some new blades also i see you can buy blue & white ones on ebay has anyone brought tried them out? or do you stick to the oem black ones