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Drone Issues


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Dec 1, 2020
Hello All,
I purchased a Mavic Pro from a local auction house. My intention was to teach my granddaughter to fly it. They said that the drone was operational. After charging the batteries, I started the drone and it does power up. I then proceeded to bind the controller, after much difficulty it connected. It now has errors. The gimbal gets very hot, the left forward sensor doesn't seem to function. I have updated the firmware in both the controller and the drone. I have got the props to spin but not over 500 rpm. It will not take off. Is this drone worth the time to repair and who would I send it to? I live in New Mexico. Any help would be appreciated
What errors?
Direct the blast/draught from a fan over a drone that is sitting powered up but not flying
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I would question the statement "operational" and chalk it up as a lesson learned from that seller. Some folks are fans of buying used electronic equipment and have great success. I tend to avoid it unless I know the seller or can do testing with the equipment before completing the purchase. Sorry, you are dealing with that issue, and hope it can be fixed at a low cost.
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If the gimbal is getting hot, feel if it is one or both axis connections. Years ago, I bought a new one from DJI and after 2 weeks of almost no flying, I had the top gimbal motor fail for no reason and it got so hot just sitting on the ground, that it was too hot to touch. I would strongly suggest sending to DJI, they will charge for what ever is wrong but they will send you a complete new or refurbished unit and keep yours. Well worth it. Otherwise return it for a refund if you can.
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