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Drone to buy? Mid class


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Aug 28, 2018
Hello! I am looking for a mid class drone in the price around 400-500 dollars.

It should have these qualities:
-Medium or low size And weight. (To travel with with plane etc)..
-medium or high range And maximum high.. (to get above the trees)...
-great video quality. I would like to use it mostly for making great pics...

It is hard to decide alone because there are plenty of high End well known drones And some low end( but the quality isnt high enough)..

Thanks for your help!
The big thing holding you back is your budget. You can get a Phantom 3 Standard for $500, but it's definitely not small enough for easy travel and the range isn't great on it. You can get a Spark for $350-$400 which is a great size for traveling, but the video quality isn't quite as great. But for pictures it really doesn't do too bad. Range on it is ok, but not quite as much as the Mavic. I'd recommend the Mavic Pro or Air. Sure, they cost more, but I think are definitely worth it.
Not a lot at your price range. I really think you need the air or pro to be happy. It looks like there are plenty of people wanting to sell their mav pro’s at the moment so this may be your best bet

Also depend where you are. That $4-$500 is not going to go far down here in Australia or N.Z. In the States you will get more bang for your buck
If you look you can snag up a nice mavic pro secondhand from somebody wanting to upgrade to a mavic pro/zoom 2. I just bought my first drone in a very complete kit for a nice price. It is really worth it.
IMHO the best bang for your buck for a factory new drone is the Mavic Air. It’s a bit more than your quoted price range, but it’s a great and very capable drone that is also one of the most (if not the most) portable premium drone on the market.
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