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E-Biking and Flying Your Drone Remotely

What a marvelous idea! The box is a better way to carry the controller I think compared to the "phone holder" design which inevitable transfers a ton of vibration.. Certainly off road. +1
Thanks for the compliment, OJsakila! The main idea was indeed avoiding too much vibrations. Plus you can put some extra foam eventually under the controller if needed or wanted ;)
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This was prior to having my e-bike, ie on a regular MTB. Combination of GoPro chest mount and drone in follow mode footage. Custom / home made handle bar mount for the controller connected to iPad Mini 4 for my Mavic Pro, cos I wanted to be able to see what the drone was doing and take immediate control if necessary ... (apologies its a bit long / repetitive, I could have shown much the same thing in a shorter clip but this was my first time trying this - also was riding much slower than usual due to the first time aspect)
Hello. I'm wondering if anyone with an eBike travels with their drone on their back to go fly somewhere normally inaccessible by car? Like on trails? Or even just biking in town and then flying?

I recently purchased an electric pedal assisted bike that is designed for offroad/trails and have found it quite enjoyable. I have to pedal for the motor to assist me so I still get a workout. I just get more miles under my belt (speed) for the same amount of effort. It has a small amount of batteries which compliments the "normal looking" design of the bike. View attachment 165515

My bike is a "sleeper" ebike that looks quite stealthy with no signs of being electric assisted. There is no "throttle" on MY bike. Its a "no-frills" electric bike with enough hidden battery to get me 25+ miles here on the flat streets of Savannah, GA or close to 20 on trails around here off road, etc.

I have the Mavic 3 and the "convertible" backpack that comes with the Fly More package and have found it quite convenient to bike around in my neighborhood (ten square miles staying away from Metropolitain traffic here on the coast) and have my drone to fly as well as room in the backpack to stop at the store for a six-pack if I feel the urge.

Just wondering if anyone is flying their drone via biking..?
My wife and I got Lectric e-bikes and have really enjoyed them. So far, I haven’t taken the drone out on them as the others in our group would not be big on stopping to fly. I guess that’s something I’ll have to do on my own. Another issue is most of our bike trails are shaded by a canopy of big trees. I’d have to be very careful with the drone. However, this thread is motivating me to get out and try it.
I built a place for the remote on my 3 it woks well as long as the trail is smooth, better to stop and fly it follows good but where is the fun in that
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