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Oct 18, 2016
Brisbane, Australia
i run an UAV immersion program with local primary schools in the area with 10 year olds. Yesterday afternoon when the kids came they where all talking about the news story that ran the night before on local tv. It was basically another bash at our drones and how they are being used by perverts and people stealing identities using cameras and FPV goggles.

I was able to put a mavic up and I had it hovering about 10’ From one of our upsatairs classroom windows. I had vision onto a big screen via hdmi out on my crystalsky. I asked them if they could see much of what was happening inside or identify anyone in there. They could see that they where unable to do so.
I then put the the drone up to around 100ft and tilted camera down to our group. They could then see that how hard it would be to identify individuals or see any detail that was “suspect”
Final demo was to show them some software that can be hidden on a phone that can take a very good, close up photo of a face just by using a mobile phone.
It wa great to see them come up on their own, that the media story was biased, inaccurate and misleading.
This is certainly something I’ll be adding to my program to reach at least some people that much of the anti drone press is inaccurate. I would probably have a couple of hundred students a year co e through this program so hopefully many will take the lessons home to parents and friends.

I have a group of senior citizens coming out for some “hands on”with some drones on Friday, so will certainly demonstrating this with them.
I love to see people educating the public about drone use. Always a great idea!
If more people could see up close what we are doing and what our limitations are, our life would be easier
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