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Extra files created on media card


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Aug 31, 2023
On my old P3P in the DCIM/100MEDIA folder off of the root the only extra file I ever encountered on my media card was an SRT file. This is a sub-title file and is actually full of great info - You can open it with any text editor and look at it or have your video editor app digest it with it's associate clip and see that data playback on the screen in real time with the video. SRT, by the way, stands for Sub Rip Text. It was originally created by a free windows application called SubRip. You can get a copy of it here:

zuggyWu:d (

There are a number of different subtitle file formats but srt is probably the most widely used today.

In the DJI GO app you can turn captions on and off to control the creation of this file.

My DJI air, on the other hand, creates a number of other files. In the DCIM\DJI_001 folder I get a JPG when I make a video clip, an SRT file if I have captions turned on for the video in DJI Fly And a matching LRF file for each video file. The LRF are low resolution (LRF=Low Resolution File) versions of the video files. These are useful as pre-made proxies for your video editing application. You can add an MP4 extension to them and pretty much anything will read/play them.

Besides the obligatory DCIM folder at the root I also have a MISC folder. Inside of this folder is a SQLite database file with a name like FC8282.db which is aparently the DJI model name for the camera. You can open this file with a SQLite explorer application (DBBrowser will do it: DB Browser for SQLite ) and see that it's got some data that pertains to your image files and video files as well as a bunch of other data that I have no clue what it is for.

Following the DB file there are two empty folders - IDX, which I assume is for index files for the SQLite DB and a THM folder which I assume is for thumbnail files. But these last two folders never ever seem to have any data in them.

Does anyone know what the DB file and the 2 empty folders are for?

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I am not surprised no one seems to know. I asked DJI about this and got radio silence just like here.
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