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flat ribbon cable

Sep 25, 2018
Hi everybody, may you help me ?

after an overload gimbal, i decded to change the ribbon cable. I did it, switch on, and the camera after all the rotation stay perfecty staight and stabilised. it works.

so my problem was the ribbon cable. it works only 2 times, switch on, switch off, without flight, and the third time not working, and like initial problem.
- what it could be, bad connection during the initianilisation of the gimbal ( the movment put out the connectin?)
- board gimbal problem makes burm the cable? (in 3 mnutes the camera get very hot)

something else?
thanks for help, have a nice day :)
hi thunderdrones. well when it was working the 2 times, no message, just perfect. then the message is only " over load gimbal problems
Check your ribbon cable again. Maybe a connection came loose. If it says "Gimbal obstructed" then your motor assembly might be a problem.
all right thanks. look it so curious: i just switch on the mavic and it was working properly again: i did many tryed and it worked all times: but there is a lot of vibration and the camera is a little bit looking on the right side, I restart the mavic on factory state, and then on a stable version .300 like some blog says: and know its not working any more. is that a cable probleme, updates problemes, both, something more?
Strange. Maybe you can use whichever firmware works. In my experience, the ribbon cable or motor assembly are usually what cause the problem you are having.
Is the gimbal anti-vibration plate okay? There are little rubber mounts there, and if the plate is out of whack, the gimbal won't hang straight, and will definitely vibrate.
Hi good morning, sorry not to answer, I spend many night to understand what happens. I have a good new, and a bad one:

the good one, I found my problem of gimbal, and fixed it. after changing the ribbon cable properly, I found that a little piece of black plastic on top of camera, made a little brake to the camera. i fixed it, and now the gimbale is just pefect, and I can make the all calibration )

the probleme now, is that whitout flying at all, I have a black screen, and nothing of a feed video. and no error message. I look all night forum, try to updates, nothing work, still black screen. there no meaning of this new problem.

do you have any idea, thanks amigo )
the feed back video was just perfect before I fixed the gimbale. I didn't do nothing bad, very carefully do the manipulation, it's impossible I broke the video cable.
I look everywhere in the internet, there is few case of mine, and no answer for that, do you guys have any idea?
hi guys. everything all right. I realise that one of the hair of the video cable, was bloqued in a little screw, that i think bloqued the signal. I was in converstion with a guy to Santiago de chile, who is fixing drone problemes, he told me that It could be that, he had this problem. he was absolutely true. So now gimbal and video are perfectly all right. thank you very much for you attention )

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