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Fly more charger


Sep 5, 2018
I have done a search on this and didn't get the answer I was looking for.

Does anyone know if the charger in the Mavic 2 fly more kit is a balance charger or do I still need to buy one of those when someone comes out with one?
If you mean does it balance the cells, then no that is a function built into the batteries intelligence.

The charger actually charges the batteries in sequence starting with the one with the most charge, then the next and so on.
Oh okay so I don't need to invest in a smart charger then? What about storing them? Does the battery inteligeinte take care of that too?

I'm coming to a Mavic 2 from a Typhoon H and for my H I had to have a balance charger since the batteries are dumb.
Yes, the batteries will auto discharge after 10 days down to about 30%. You can’t change that, you could on pre-Air drones but the ‘feature’ was removed. If you press the button to check the charge the timer resets back to 10 days. If you don’t use the battery for a month or two it will go into hibernation and has to be connected to the charger to wake it up.

There’s a thought that charging unused batteries every couple of months keeps them healthy.
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Don’t know where you are, but mine arrived in 6 days. To the U.K.
I'm in the US, it's almost to me. It's been about 6 days but the tracking info says it still won't be here for 2 days even though it's just hanging out less than 45 min drive from me right now.
Ah it will be there soon enough, top tip, if you want any, prepare for delivery, download and install Assistant 2 from the Mavic 2 website support pages, there are two versions you need the Mavic 2 version.

Charge up everything, then update the firmware on the RC and the Mavic before Activation. Activate and then if you have more batteries update the firmware again for each of them. It won’t take long.

You should be ready to go, calibrate only the compass, if it asks, resist the temptation to go down the calibrate everything route, it’s not necessary.

Big space, beginner mode and take small steps!
No problem, Yeah the flight control stuff works really well.

The collision avoidance can be a bit of a problem if you fly into tight spaces, it’s easily turned off if required. Once you get the feel for it.
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I seem to be getting about hour/hour 15 charge time so that's really the only difference is the sequential charging vs the parallel charging. And that one doesn't look like it will fit in the bag.
So I have the Fly More Kit on route and the FStop Labs charger on order from Amazon. Which one should I keep? Feature wise I like the FStop charger but I feel safer with the OEM charging hub.

I recently bought the Mavic 2 Fly More Kit. Other than sequential vs parallel charger what's the difference between the Battery Charging Hub included in the kit and the FStop Labs YXC06 charger found on Amazon?
So I have the Fly More Kit on route and the FStop Labs charger on order from Amazon. Which one should I keep? Feature wise I like the FStop charger but I feel safer with the OEM charging hub.

I would just keep the oem one. The batteries charge fast enough that by the time you bring the drone down and get a new battery in you won't have a wait if you buy the 4th battery. And the one you're talking about only charges 3 batteries not 4.
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Anyone have issues with the car charger? It keeps cutting out. The connector doesn't stay very well on the battery either. When I can get it to stay on, I could swear it charges faster than the AC charger.
Do you have the flymore kit? It hooks up to that too
Were you replying to me? If so, I assume you mean the charging hub? After all the fly more kit is a package of products. You can't hook up anything to a box.
Yes, I used the charging hub, had better results but still issues. At least with the hub I could instantly tell if I lost power. The battery delayed shutting off lights when it lost charging power.
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