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Footage - fireworks up close


Feb 3, 2018
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Got my Mavic about eight months ago, put about 30 flights on it.

Set off some fireworks at a private golf course last weekend and decided to throw my Mavic up and film it.

It was a last-second decision to throw the Mavic up, so the video quality is less than stellar, and I could've got the framing better, but im the one who's running around setting these off and I never get to actually see the show, so I'll chalk it up to a learning experience and know what to do different next time.

This is the last half of the show, the full video was too long to upload. But for those who are wondering, Mavic sat in the same position for over 20 minutes and you could not notice any deviation in the footage.

I was super nervous about leaving it there by itself in case it drifted so I Gave a friend a quick tutorial on what to do if it started going Squirrley. Much to my delight it did not move an inch. I was so impressed at how well this thing stayed put. Also just to add although I do not have a measurement it was fairly windy at the time.

I figured I'd throw this up because some people had questions about Mavic and fireworks and how and if it will stay put for long periods of time.

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