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For those who fly with Crystal Sky...


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Jun 24, 2017
Ive always been annoyed having to carry 2 brick chargers 1 for the mavic 2 and 1 for the crystal skyhub... so here is a simple mod!


I took my 5 in 1 charger, opened it up and added the barrel plug for the Crystal sky hub to one of the leads.
I like that idea, dji being tight as’ and not including a charger was just another reason not to buy Cs. Also buying products that work and are useful as needed, seems a better bet than buying flymore kit.
Nice going! I like how you didnt splice into the middle of the cable , but ran the cable all the way back into the housing of the 5 in 1 charger. Much cleaner look. A + for tidiness. :)
I was thinking a dongle would be clean, but it seemed like i was not going to find the battery side of the terminal.

I did break 1 led in the process haha...

I wonder what will happen if use the battery and crystal sky leads at the sametime... 1/2 amps?
Search the forum to see if someone has been able to use both the battery and charging lead at the same time before attempting as you may cause electronic issues. Or just forge ahead and plan for sending in the Crystal Sky for repair if something goes wrong.

If you do it please report back on findings so others who are interested in the same "mod" will know the outcome.
well being that its just charging the battery for the cystal sky .... i wont ever have to send in the crystal sky. thanks for the concern though.

I dont think anyone has done the same mod so i doubt anyone knows the out come.
Very nice. That solves a major pain.
Thanks for this information. My charger and adapter will be here tomorrow.
Thanks for this information. My charger and adapter will be here tomorrow.
Cool... glad i was able to help... post up some pics if u can...i just got my Freewell case in yesterday...its perfect for my CS/U


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