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Found Dji in panama city beach

Check the SD card for user information.

Some pilots may put it there if there is no identification on it.

DJI might be able to identify the owner through the serial number. 🤔

Law enforcement or FAA may help if it has registration numbers. 🤔

Thanks for posting a lost drone. :)
Found drone on beach today
Thank you, since this is your first posting, I'm guess that you are not a drone flyer. Please post a photo and we might be able to advise you how to proceed. I would also advise you to notify the local police in case the owners reported it missing. I would not recommend you turn it in yet.

All drones that might not be considered toys have serial numbers and some drone are registered with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and perhaps with other organizations.

If it is a DJI drone, DJI maintains a registration (an account with an email address) associated with each of their drones. Depending on what drone you found, accessing the registration number varies. You would have to open a battery access door or remove the battery. With that number and it's a big number, DJI can contact the owner with your contact number.

DJI's email address is

and their phone number is 818 235 0789.

I was perusing eBay and found a DJI Drone listed for sale, the seller found it while hiking. The seller included lots of photos (one showed the serial number) I contacted DJI and asked them to contact the registered owner with the eBay info to perhaps recover it. DJI did contact the owner…

Once again thank you for doing this. I cannot say that you will be rewarded for your good deed, but it nice to know there are good people around…

And to everyone else, I keep saying put your name and number on your drone so folks like @r.nelly can return your drone…
Time to repeat "Mark Your Drone". Registration # required, and phone # suggested.
I often see tourists there (myself included) flying drones from balconies overlooking the beach. If there's metal nearby at takeoff, they could end up in the sand..or far worse.
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well i didn't want to post pics . cause anybody could say its theirs...i figured if they could tell me what model it was it was most likely theirs. its a DJI or i wouldn't have posted it here.
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well i didn't want to post pics . cause anybody could say its theirs...i
Assuming that the drone is a DJI Drone, there is a serial number on every drone, if it's theres, they should know the serial number. The serial number is inside the battery door (if it is a Mini...) or under the battery if it's a larger Drone.
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