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Four batteries died in about 5 months


Jul 11, 2017
I posted a thread in February (Very scary & very lucky) about a battery dying mid flight, with supposedly enough of a reserve left. That caused damage to the mavic that I repaired myself using instructions I found online (broken gimbal plate retainer).

I bought the Mavic in June 2017, and got most of my batteries around that time also.

Thinking all was well after the repair, I have had two batteries just cease charging in the space of two months. That left me with one battery that I believed was ok. I flew that one today, and immediately noticed something strange. Maybe a minute after takeoff, the battery indicator in DJI GO was still showing 100%. Instead of flying my intended route, I flew out a bit and then back and hovered over some trees near my house. I intended to bring it down to within a few feet of the lawn and see how low the battery indicator would go. I was around 40% at this time. Suddenly, the mavic switched off and dropped. Trees broke the fall ok, and it was recovered. I now have no batteries.

Are others experiencing systematic battery failure after a year of use?
Thank goodness you still have your Mavic. I have had 0 (zero) OEM Mavic batteries fail that were used regularly and maintained monthly. The only time batteries have failed, in my experience, is when they are already damaged and people try to fly with them.
OP this is from your OP Feb 22. Traveling around different countries, it's very possible your charger got damaged.

"I have probably 150 hours on my Mavic since last June in four countries."

"I have four batteries that I cycle through on a charging hub." (could be the smoking gun)

Very scary & very lucky
What kind of charger are you using with your batteries? Maybe that is the issue here. Possible?
Possible. I had a mavic hub that got liquid damage. I replaced it with an aftermarket, since my understanding is that there is little to no intelligence in the hub itself, but rather in the batteries. Maybe that is incorrect.
I agree with the others. The charger seems to be the one common denominator. I believe there's some pretty fancy circuitry in the charger, in addition to what is needed to determine WHICH battery to charge next. Get a bonafide DJI charger. They're cheaper than a battery!
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