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Geo Zone License Locking Drone Question for Experts


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Aug 19, 2021
This concerns a Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual with a Smart Controller.

I've received permission to operate in a restricted geo zone (the 'license' is valid for a year).
Soon afterward I saw the need to change some of the geo zone characteristics and received another 'license' for the late location.
This is when I began having problems: the drone would give a geo zone warning in areas where there weren't any geo zones and would not allow prop start.

I was able to start up when the geo zones were switched off (swipe left - 'off' in the controller) which was never the case prior.
I took various steps including software updates, factory reset of the controller, etc., and with the help of DJI was able to remove one of the geo zone licenses from the smart controller and apply for a new license (something I've done several times with their assistance) but I'm still having the same issue although only one license remains and it shows up as being on the drone not the controller.

DJI is saying they're engineering team looked at this and determined they can't remove a license already exported to the drone and recommended they establish another license for me which will replace the previous one exported to the drone but I don't understand why they think this would fix the problem as I've already gone through this.

What are your thoughts on this?
The DJI engineering team (and a fellow group member here) indicate that once turned on licenses to enter Restricted GeonZones (the red ones) don't allow the drone to operate elsewhere (one needs to toggle the license off) and no less important, that once a drone which operates inside a Restricted Zone leaves the zone it will not be let back in.

I have not tested the latter but the former perfectly describes my situation.
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