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Gimbal problem, cable problem


New Member
Sep 25, 2021
I have a Mavic pro. I started having trouble with the camera and was able to determine very quickly that it was the cable. I purchased a new cable on Amazon and installed it. somewhat tedious but it went well and the drone was back working fine. That cable lasted for about 3 hours of flying. I ordered and new cable with the exact same result. I concluded that i must be doing something wrong so next i just bought a new gimbal without the camera. Changing the camera to the new gimbal was much easier and well worth the extra money.

Here is my issue. When the drone comes on and the gimbal does its little dance, i can hear it hitting inside the area where it is mounted. I never heard that before. I fly the drone and it seems to be flying and taking pictures just fine but the video isn't stable. When i try to calibrate the gimbal, it gets to 51% and locks for about 5 minutes, then tells me calibration has failed.

Clearly there are a few issues as i have read in these forums. To begin, DJI needs to come up with a fix for the cable issue. It seems everyone has this problem. Many believe it is from the almost violent dance it does when it starts up. Maybe a firmware change to slow that movement down? Secondly the calibration problem is also a pretty common issue.

These things are not toys, they are a very large investment for many people and DJI needs to step up.

In any event, can anyone give me some guidance on how to correct what i am experiencing here?

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