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Gimbals, disconnects, and drifting - fixed!


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Feb 20, 2017
I hadn't flown my MP for quite awhile, so I brought it out the other day for some much-needed flight time. I updated the DJI Go app, and the UAV updated its various geo databases. First thing I noticed was that I was getting constant disconnects between the app and controller; the controller and the MP remained linked, fortunately.

Not wanting to fly too far away until I gained some confidence in the updated app, I flew down the driveway and was navigating through some trees on our property, when I lost video and crashed into a tree. After a bit of bushwhacking and the Find My Drone command, I found the bird on the ground.

The gimbal was messed up, so I took it apart = following a decent YouTube video to replace the gimbal mount. However, the vibration plate was just displaced a bit, after disassembly, it was easy to put back into place and button the drone back up.

After this, I was getting some sys errors on the downward vision, so I decided to do a full update. Plugged into DJI Assistant 2 and updated to 01.04.0400 on controller and drone, then updated to 4.2.22 on my Ipad Mini 4. After installation I did a gimbal auto-calibration and a compass calibration.

This update completely eliminated the disconnect problem! Yay! However, I now had a downward vision error, so I recalibrated those sensors using the DJI Go 4 app. This cleared that error, although I see I still get a warning that says I'll have a more accurate sensor calibration if I use Assistant, rather than the app. I'll do that tonight.

The only remaining issue is a bit of drift while hovering - not much, but the hover isn't rock solid as it was before. I'll do the downward vision calibration next. I already recalibrated the controller. I may calibrate the IMU while I'm at it, and maybe swap out the props.

In short, the latest firmware upgrade seems to have solved the iPad disconnect problem, and I still have a very minor lingering issue with drift. I also fixed the damage from my crash with no problems and at no cost, other then buying a UAV tool kit for all those tiny hex drivers, etc.
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Glad you didnt have any permanent damage. Have you tried calibrating your IMU after the repair?
Thanks for the reply! If I hadn't been able to fix it, your shop was my Plan B. :)

I haven't calibrated the IMU yet - I'll do the more detailed downward sensor calibration next, see what that does for hover stability, then try the IMU after that. Don't want to change a whole raft of variables at once.
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