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Gimble engine overload


New Member
May 7, 2017
I've seen various discussions on this topic, but none have seem to address my specific situation. I upgraded the Mavic to 0.600 several weeks ago and the gimble began to malfunction intermittantly. I never experienced this problem before the mandatory upgrade to .600, and I have never crashed. I've got less than 60 minutes total flying time. The gimble housing is properly seated in the drone. It is hanging from the rubber bands and is properly seated in the 3 clips. The plastic clip behind the gimble is removed. I read that you could rollback the software and go back to the previous version. I rolled the software back to 0.550 and saw no change. I then rolled back to .400 and that worked initially. It is inconsistently working now about 50% of the time. No rhyme or reason as to when it works and when it decides not to work. I flew yesterday for 9 minutes. Landed, turned everything off, and restarted and immediately got the gimble error message again. Ugggh.

I pre-ordered my Mavic in October 2016 the first day orders were being taken and I took delivery among the first people. To me, this is clearly a software problem initiated by DJI. I don't see this as my fault, yet I am outside of warranty and don't see any choice but to send it in. Since it's a software issue in my opinion, I don't know what sending it in will do. When DJI updates the software, they should warrant their work. Maybe I'm wrong and this is somehow my fault. I'm willing to admit that if someone can help me understand where I erred. Thank you for you input. I appreciate you reading and offering assistance.
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