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  1. akdrone

    Mav 3 with Goggles 2 and Motion 2...gimble fail

    The other day I finally got my Goggles 2 (from my Avata) and Motion 2 controller working with my Mavic 3. The manual says you can use the Fn wheel to tilt the camera before launching. Fine. It also says, "Press and hold the FN dial from the FPV view and then scroll up or down to tilt the...
  2. R

    Disassembling a Gimble

    I have found a secret you will definitely want to know b4 attempting a gimble disassembly. I am not talking about swapping assemblies, that is a piece of cake. There are a couple of YouTube videos about gimble disassembly and they are all wrong or incomplete when it comes to the last steps. This...
  3. D

    Manual adjust gimble in Quickshot mode?

    Hi all sorry if this has been asked before but I can’t find an answer to whether you can manually adjust gimble tilt during a “quickshot”? I have a feeling that everything is locked once you press go but would love to be able to adjust gimbal Tilt in some modes like dronie? thx in advance...
  4. W

    Gimble Issues

    Has anyone else had gimble problems? Flying this weekend I received a gimble motor overload warning. I am assuming the gimble motors were working too hard to maintain position due to high winds. After landing and resetting the drone, the gimble returned to full functionality but then on a second...
  5. D

    Strange Camera Shake Using Litichi

    I just started using Litchi and on the Second Way point mission the Camera started to act strange at first i thought it was wind? but when landing i say the camera trying to point up past its limits I attached 2 videos the first it starts at about 1:00 the second its pretty much the entire...
  6. G

    Mavic Pro video freezes Gimble spinning

    My Mavic Pro has issues with the video feed/camera. After only a few moments(20 seconds) of flight time the video feed to my Samsung S8 freezes. The only way that i found to bring back the video feed is to land the Mavic and restart it. I noticed when the video freezes the Gimble seems to be...
  7. J

    Magic - shuddering video during yaw rotation

    Hi guys Had my Mavic Pro since July, and consistently had issues with video shuddering when I rotate in either direction. See a quick sample video - notice above at top of the tree line and some of the buildings in the background are shuddering. I have tried slowing down the rotation...
  8. T

    Gimble Goes Crazy- Nonstop

    Hello- I started with a Phanton 3 then I bought my Mavic about a week ago have flown an hour on one evening without any issues then flying on Sunday I dropped the Mavic right on its face. Went ahead and flew for 5 more mins. then the gimble started acting up. I touched it and centered it by...
  9. P

    Broken Gimble Mount and Ribbon Cable

    New to MavicPilots, excited to be on board. A few weeks back I had the dreaded first crash with my Mavic. Got caught a top a rather large tree, had to throw something to get it down, smacked into the dirt. The black plastic gimble/camera mount broke (I understand this is very common and see a...
  10. C

    Can someone who is currently fixing a torn gimbal ribbon lay it flat folded & post it?

    Can someone who is currently fixing a torn gimbal ribbon lay it flat folded & post it? Every YouTube video, every single one of them is terrible.l. It's connector number two where everyone has the problem and that's where the mistakes are as far as the slack. It's amazing! The people that made...
  11. Skyler King III

    My camera came off gimbal...Looking fort help

    I was shooting indoor (with prop CAGES), Mavic (despite cages) (it was in TRIPOD mode) SLOWLY bumped into call and fell 5 feet onto carpet. Camera seems to have "come off" gimbal, seems like no broken parts. How do I (if at all) get it back inlace? See link...
  12. K

    UV Filter that does not interfere with gimble calibration on Mavic

    HI anyone can recommend a UV filter brand that does not interfere with the gimble calibration on the Mavic. I have read few contradicting reviews on same brand. Thank you for your assistance
  13. HFisk

    Gimble engine overload

    I've seen various discussions on this topic, but none have seem to address my specific situation. I upgraded the Mavic to 0.600 several weeks ago and the gimble began to malfunction intermittantly. I never experienced this problem before the mandatory upgrade to .600, and I have never crashed...
  14. N

    Gimble issue... wiggle movment downward/portrait mode 1st time

    Hello All, recognized that everytime I face down Gimble and or portrait mode the first one to two times the movement is very wiggle and slow, as if hardware (cable) has to get loosen. After repeating it twize it is normal... After several minutes flight it can happen again. As if the cable gets...
  15. adventures

    Gimble cover?

    This may be silly, but I wanted to know who else is flying it with the gimble cover on or not? I've been watching all kinds of footage and finding a lot of images of it with the cover both on and off. Mine has had scratches on it since I first got it but I'm too nervous to fly with it off...