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Mav 3 with Goggles 2 and Motion 2...gimble fail


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Nov 18, 2021
North Pole, Alaska
The other day I finally got my Goggles 2 (from my Avata) and Motion 2 controller working with my Mavic 3. The manual says you can use the Fn wheel to tilt the camera before launching. Fine. It also says, "Press and hold the FN dial from the FPV view and then scroll up or down to tilt the
Camera. Release the dial to stop the camera tilt." I cannot get that to work while flying. Is that only before flying? Does that mean that when using the Motion 2 with the goggles you cannot fly forward and look down??? That would be the end of the usefulness of the Motion Controller 2 and Googles 2 with the Mavic for any meaningful videography. It's hard to imagine not being able to program a way to do that but I have yet to find a way to get the gimble to tilt down when I am flying forward. I hope I'm missing something. Flying FPV with the Mav and the battery life is super fun but not being able to film is super depressing. Tell me I'm missing something, please, otherwise it was fun to use it once and I'll rarely ever use it going forward. I recognize that using a "regular" controller is far superior for filming but flying FPV is so much fun...I'd like to at least be able to do it ... a bit...with gimble control. Happy to have FPV with Mav3 regardless.

EDIT: The manual answers my question, sadly. It's wording makes it clearer when it says, "DJI RC Motion 2 User Manual10 © 2023 DJI All Rights Reserved. Controlling the camera tilt: before takeoff or during RTH and landing, press and hold the dial from the FPV view and then scroll up or down to tilt the camera. Release the dial to stop the camera tilt." and that tells me I cannot adjust the gimble when in flight. Tooo bad, so sad.
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You need to enable head tracking mode. Then you can look where you want and the drone will spin and tilt the camera to match the orientation of the goggles. Direction is still controlled by the Motion Controller, which can be a bit tricky. Look for the white circle in your display. That's the direction the drone will fly.

You really need a second person watching carefully so you don't blindly fly sideways into a tree when you're looking up or down. It's easy to get disorientated with the goggles on. All of the beeping helps but if you're purposely flying close to objects, you might tend to ignore it after a while.

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