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Mavic Pro video freezes Gimble spinning


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Jan 14, 2018
My Mavic Pro has issues with the video feed/camera. After only a few moments(20 seconds) of flight time the video feed to my Samsung S8 freezes. The only way that i found to bring back the video feed is to land the Mavic and restart it. I noticed when the video freezes the Gimble seems to be re-calibrating itself mid flight just as it does when it starts up.

Note* This only seems to happen during flight, if I leave the Mavic on and grounded the video doesn't seem to drop.

Here is a link to whats happening after the video freezes.

Things I have tried.
Factory reset both controller and Mavic with DJI Assistant 2
Factory Reset Samsung S8
Reinstalled the DJI Go app on the Samsung S8
Stopped video cache to my device.
I updated to V01.04.0300 and still have the issue.
Downgraded to V01.04.100 and still have the issue.
Reset camera settings - When I reset camera settings it always says reset failed, but the settings are reset.
Formatted SD card
re-paired the controller to the Mavic
IMU calibration
Compass calibration
Factory defaults through assistant.

After all the troubleshooting I ended up sending the Mavic in for repair(2-15-2018). I read camera and gimbal are covered under warrenty for 6 months and I still fall with in the period.

**3-3-2018 Update** DJI replaced my Mavic with a new one. 2 flights so far and have had 0 issues. I'm glad they stand behind their products a make things right if there is an issue.
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Search for Mid-Flight Gimbal Reset on the forum or youtube. Think you may have this problem. Unfortuantely there is no known fix.
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