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video freeze

  1. K

    Video freezes when recording in 4K

    Hi, I have a Mini 2 and I've been experiencing lately, that video feed always freezes when trying to record on 4k30. If I have set to 4k and don't record, all is fine, I can also record and fly with 2.7k60 or any other setting, but on 4k video feed freezes even if im standing right next to my...
  2. F

    Should I Flash the Firmware - Video Transmission intermittent freeze

    I have a phantom 3 professional that is on the latest firmware version. Has been updated on nearly every version and never really had any issues. I purchased a Mavic Pro when they first came out so the Phantom is getting less use. On the last few flights I've been having a problem with the...
  3. B

    Mavic Air video freezes

    My brand new DJI Mavic Air has a strange problem with video recording. Here it is: Video just frozen for many seconds, then drone "teleportates". I found this issue for 3 times while 4 hours of flying. Not so much but this thing is very disappointing because I can't manage that something is...
  4. G

    Mavic Pro video freezes Gimble spinning

    My Mavic Pro has issues with the video feed/camera. After only a few moments(20 seconds) of flight time the video feed to my Samsung S8 freezes. The only way that i found to bring back the video feed is to land the Mavic and restart it. I noticed when the video freezes the Gimble seems to be...