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Should I Flash the Firmware - Video Transmission intermittent freeze


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Nov 10, 2016
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I have a phantom 3 professional that is on the latest firmware version. Has been updated on nearly every version and never really had any issues. I purchased a Mavic Pro when they first came out so the Phantom is getting less use. On the last few flights I've been having a problem with the phantom. The video transmission to my ipone 6+ seems to pause/freeze every couple of seconds (studders, for lack of a better word). Makes it difficult to properly film and is a bit of a pain. There have been a few occassions where the freeze also causes the view on the DJI Go app to turn green for most of the screen with some pixelation in other portions of the screen where you can see a snapshot of the frozen video image. The final recorded video on the SD card shows a full video with no freezes.

I get the same issue using the following combinations:
P3P with iphone 6+ and DJI Go (latest version)
P3P with iphone 6+ and Litchi (latest version)
P3P with iphone 5s and DJI Go (latest version)
P3P with iphone 5s and Litchi (latest version)

I use the Mavic Pro on the iphone 6+ with DJI Go 4 and Litchi (latest versions) and don't have this issue.

I've tried IMU cal, compass cal, gimbal cal, reset GO App to default settings.

Any ideas? Would reflashing the firmware using the DJI Assistant be a good idea at this point? Any options to try before I take that step?

Appreciate any advice.

Edit: I really need my morning coffee. Here I thought I was posting this to the Phantompilots.com. Had both this forum and Phantom forum open at the same time. Oops. Well, maybe someone here has some advice that might help.
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