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Given an MP3 with no further guidance in EU


New Member
Jul 31, 2023
Howdy everyone. My apologies, I'm not a drone enthusiast and don't intend to impede on your community here. I was looking for some guidance on drone usage, particularly the Mavic 3 Pro, and I'd consider myself to be in a fairly unique situation. I stumbled upon your forums here and I thought I'd try to get some help with the MP3.

So for some context -- hopefully without completely doxing myself -- I'm a U.S. service member deployed in Europe. I've never flown drones at home or abroad, and I'd say my job is nowhere near related to drone flying.

Earlier today, my leadership designated me to fly a new MP3 for a future task. However, we did not get any kind of information on getting government certifications or approval. We were told that we have clearance from the base commander to fly the drone within our area of operations. Other than that, we were essentially told to make it happen. I've been able to set it up and had no issues on that end.

I did a little bit of research (which is kinda how I stumbled here) and what I seem to have gathered from reading threads here and from official EU websites is: a) I do not need license as I will not be flying within 150m of people or property, and b) the drone needs some kind of no-fly-zone clearance. Is this information correct? Is there any other information I should be aware of for flying the MP3, particularly in Poland?

For my second query, what is the process for getting a no-fly-zone clearance? I read DJI's blog, and it seems like a rather complicated process. We're going to began the process from our end, and my understanding is we need a memorandum with an official letterhead and stamp to submit to DJI. Can someone share a similar experience with going through that process?

Contact DJI directly for an NFZ unlock. They will tell you what documentation they will require.
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