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Gotcha during initial drone registration


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Sep 4, 2023
Plainville, Kansas
When I first got my MA2 I was eager to do all the required FAA registration correctly. Additionally I wanted to complete whatever TRUST certification I needed to compliantly fly my drone. This was all about a year ago. I was a novice attempting to work my way through the system. Some how in the process I ended up with some other organization submitting my drone under their name. While my drone was officially registered, now that I have installed the firmware update the makes my drone compliant I was not able to find any record of my registration at FAA Drone Zone. Apparently the other "organization" put it under their account and I could not get to it. As per FAA that is a no-no. They provided very fast response with clear directions of my options and what to do to correct the situation. I now have a new registration for my drone under my own name and was able to access it to add my RID number. In summary, when going through initial registration and certification ... read the fine print in whichever link you are using to understand who is doing what for you.
Quite right! In the U.S. ONLY register a drone directly with FAA at $5 is it!
And, to be more accurate since it sounds like the OP is a recreational flyer, you only have to register one time and you are registering yourself, not your drones. That's your personal registration number and you apply the same number to as many drones as you own. You will be able to manage your own inventory of drones by adding and subtracting drones in the portal at your convenience. Do this yourself, no one has to do it for you.
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