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Greetings all Drone Pilots in and around ENC!


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Feb 18, 2022
Jamesville, North Carolina
Hey y'all! I reside in Martin County outside of Williamston and I'm about 1.5 hours west of OBX. I have had my Part 107 certification since July 2021. I fly a Matrice M210 and Phantom 4 Pro for work (commercial solar developer) and sometimes my personal Mavic 2 Pro. I enjoy flying around my community but I'm looking for not so distant scenic points for great personal footage. Any suggestions are appreciated!

I'm in the process of wrapping my M2P with orange vinyl to make it easier to see in the sky. I wear reading glasses to operate the controller but I have to take them off to look up in the sky. Any best practices from the group to share?

I'm getting good at getting better with Litchi for Mavic for automated flights. A lot of trial and error, plus learning how pre-assigning attributes to all waypoints or the type of heading mode you start with can make the mission more efficient or throw a monkey wrench in the works. Again, any helpful hints or best practices?

Thanks for taking the time to read, come back when you can stay longer...
Patrick S.
Welcome to Mavic Pilots! :) Enjoy the forum! Thumbswayup
You're in NC. Come on over and check out our mountain views. There is some great drone photo opportunities out this way. And like @Big Bro wisely suggested, come before the crowds. In AVL tourist season is long.
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Greetings from Birmingham Alabama, welcome to the forum!
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